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You've come to the perfect place if you enjoy staying current with fashion! In the coming months, the beauty world will be coveting cosmetics, hair, nails, and skincare. We love a little insight on what to expect from the trends for 2023. The 2023 beauty trends listed here may give you a new flex to add to your arsenal, whether you're currently ahead of the curve or just seeking for ways to switch up your beauty mood.

Metallic Ombré

Ombré nails, a kind of nail art with a clear color gradient, saw a resurgence in popularity in 2022. In many cases, this includes beginning with a lighter shade on the top of the nail and gradually fading down to a darker shade as it approaches the tip. It's all about a nude melting into a metallic in 2023. Watch silver in particular is expected to be very popular. Working with polish that has the same finish is the insider trick! A gradient nail pattern is also a very attractive approach to give the appearance of longer nails. Not to mention, it aids women who have trouble deciding between two nail paint colors.


Preppy Girl Accessories

Hair accessories are set to make a huge comeback, another throwback to the 2000s, thanks to Gossip Girl's resurgence in popularity and the preppy girl style taking off on Tik Tok. Right now, I'm noticing a lot of accessories, such as large headbands and hairstyles with claw clips. Accessories are the secret to the preppy look à la Blair Waldorf, as seen on style icons like Gigi Hadid and Keke Palmer. The ideal techniques to quickly prepare a day-to look include pearl-encrusted hair clips positioned properly yet effectively on the side, ribbon headbands worn with long, sleek hair hanging down, and hair bows tying up softly curled ponytails.

Source: Lulus

In addition to being fashionable, embellished bobby pins, ribbons, bows, and hairbands will all be used frequently. Additionally, pull your hair back and add an accessory if it's a little greasy or if you want to change up your style from day to night. It is really simple and appears extremely stylish.

Source: Vogue

Slick Strands

Your favorite star may occasionally emerge in a paparazzi photo with what appears to be wet hair, and the appearance is always stylish. Simple streetwear and/or a luxury gown might both feel cooler when worn with the same slicked-back hairstyle. Anyone can pull off this look because slicked back hair works with all hair types and doesn't have to be a specific length or thickness. You have a variety of alternatives for embracing the slicked back hair, from trying it out while running errands like a super model to folding date night look.

Source: BYRDIE

Any slicked-back hairstyle requires the right products, which are essential. The prep's moisturizing ingredients will produce that texture. It's strongly advise using Color Wow's Dream Coat, spritzing it all over, then blow-drying! Afterward, you can still add a wave or curl. Slicked hairstyles, however, don't necessarily call for combing your hair straight back. You may part your hair as usual in the middle or on one side, and then smooth it back from the sides. If you want to do a low bun or ponytail or have shorter hair, this is a wonderful alternative.

Succubus Chic

Even before Wednesday Addams appeared on our screens and gave us significant goth-glam inspiration, the succubus chic makeup trend was making a comeback. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Billie Eilish, and Alexa Demie have embraced goth style and glam all year long. Goth girl glam was all over the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala, and Whimsigoth fashion became viral a few months after. Dark and moody beauty is clearly back and here to stay now that "Wednesday Addams makeup" has already gone viral on TikTok and the liner used to create Jenna Ortega's characteristic purple lip continues selling out as a result. The current makeup trends include thick, smudged liners, artificial freckles, and deeper lip hues.

Source: Glamour

But unlike your mother's goth glam, this style is more glitzy than the 1990s fad. And that's exactly what Tara McDonald, the makeup and hair artist for Wednesday, had in mind for the show's look. She wished Wednesday would always be dark, but not overly so; Wednesday has a more glossy goth. It still uses those deep tones to create a monochromatic image, but this style is much softer and more ethereal. To give the image a little more warmth, the eyes also have brownish tones.

Source: British Vogue

Natural Make-Up

Healthy, minimal makeup looks will continue to be popular this year even though the clean-girl makeup trend reached new heights in 2022. Consumers are looking for complex goods that exude vigor and energy, ranging from skin-nourishing glossy compositions to young sun-kissed pigments. Even more, it's possible that a surge of new launches, drawing influence from catwalk trends as well as wellness first beauty, will be driven by this skin-care forward cosmetics and natural, low-maintenance aesthetics. I really believe that you should put less pressure on yourself to get the ideal skin and instead concentrate on providing your skin with items it appreciates!

Source: Instagram

Every year, we learn about emerging styles and consumer trends. This year, we learned that consumers adore natural makeup, succubus chic, slick strands, metallic ombre, and preppy girl accessories. What are you waiting for? Start putting them into practice today. At least one of them should go ahead!

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